Frequently Asked Questions

What size tank do I need?

The size of the tank needed is dependent on a variety of aspects; such as rainfall, roof coverage and your required usage. Pioneer Water Tanks come in a variety of sizes ranging from 6,000 to 500,000 Litres. We can offer advice as to what size tank would be most beneficial to you if required.

What colours are available?

Tanks are available in Zincalume, as well as the full range of Colorbond® colours.

The standard colours available include Classic Cream, Mangrove, Paperbark, Surfmist and Woodland Grey.
How do I prepare for the tank installation day?

On the day of your tank installation, it is imperative that the ground is levelled, and the sand pad has been correctly prepared as stated in the product brochure. When tank is installed, it is essential to ensure a minimum volume of water is placed into your tank as stated in the Pioneer Water Tank brochure.

What materials are used for Pioneer Water Tanks?

Pioneer Water Tanks are manufactured with strong and durable 100% Australian made Zincalume® and Colorbond® steel, with the unique 8-80 V-LOCK wall profile which provides the strength of corrugated steel and maintains perfect support to the liner molded to the inside of the tank wall.

Is the water from my tank suitable for drinking?

Yes; our innovative, double seam welded Aqualiner® is widely regarded as the best available on the market, and provides the optimum protection for safe drinking water.

Am I eligible for a rebate?

In regards to rebates, we recommend you contact your local authorities to determine if rebates are currently available in your area. The availability of rebates varies between states, and can change regularly. In NSW, you can contact the NSW Government Office of Environment & Heritage. In Victoria, you can contact the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.

What is the lead time from when I order my Pioneer Water Tank?

The lead time for your tank is approximately 4-6 weeks, from order date to installation. Tanks are made to order, and therefore require sufficient time to be manufactured and delivered from the Head Office in Perth, Western Australia.

Is there a warranty on the tank?

Yes; there is a 20-year conditional warranty on all Pioneer Water Tanks up to the GT280 size. We are confident that our tanks are manufactured to the highest standard, which is supported by the Pioneer warranty.

Why choose Pioneer Water Tanks? Why choose Border Tanks?

Pioneer Water Tanks are built to last, investing in Australian made, quality materials for a strong and durable tank. Pioneer Water Tanks work with local distributors, such as Border Tanks, to simplify the purchase and installation of your tank, and maintain one point of communication throughout the entire process. Border Tanks has a strong focus on people and building relationships, and are willing to go the extra distance to assist in meeting your needs. We offer 35 years of experience in the local area and plumbing expertise to provide the best service possible.

What else do Border Tanks offer?

Border Tanks offers a variety of other services in addition to tank supply and installation. On request, we are able to arrange your sand pad preparation. We can also provide installation services such as plumbing, earthworks, down piping and roof drainage. If there is a service we cannot offer, we will happily refer you to a local provider, as we believe in supporting local businesses and contractors.

Additional services include:
• Existing tank repairs
• Re-roofing of existing tank
• Relines of steel, concrete or poly tanks